The Full Irish Jigsaw


A laser cut wooden jigsaw puzzle with fun novelty pieces!


A novelty wooden miniature jigsaw puzzle.

Approximately 100 laser cut pieces.

Finished puzzle size is 20cm x 15cm.

Each piece is 2mm thick and does not bend or peel.

The intricate precision cut wooden pieces fit snugly together to make one of Simone’s vibrant Irish images!

For added interest & complexity, there are some unusual shaped pieces like a fiddle, an ice cream cone or a castle to name a few!

Each jigsaw puzzle has a different die cut theme, eg. Irish icons, Irish buildings, sea, music, farm animals etc.

It is an entertaining & satisfying challenge for all the family!

Relaxing & calming, jigsaws can help relieve stress & improve your memory & problem solving skills!

This colourful puzzle makes a special souvenir & gift from Ireland!


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