The Full Irish Four Mugs & Four Coasters Combo

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Enjoy a cuppa Irish style with this mug and coaster combo!

The Full Irish depicts all your favourite Irish breakfast ingredients…it’s home away from home!


The Irish Larder Four Mugs and Four Matching Coasters Combo.

Gift boxed porcelain mug with inside lip inscription.

Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Presented in a beautiful gift box inscribed with this text:

“This mug design is taken from Simone’s original painting and is inspired by her memories of running down to her local corner shop for a bag of mixed penny sweets from the jars behind the counter! Simone has designed her range of nostalgic kitchenware from personal memory and experience of her childhood. This beautiful ceramic mug will instill warm memories to those with a love of all things sweet & vintage!” “Enjoy!”


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