Simone specialises in original commissioned pieces.

A specially commissioned painting is a one-off original painting incorporating as much as possible of the different ideas a client might have.

I have  painted many commissions for such events as a special birthday, wedding anniversary, retirement present etc.

I ask the client as much about the recipient as possible, eg. where they live, their home town, school, university, job, local pub, favourite holiday spot, hobbies, sport etc.

I then put together a rough sketch based on a collage of all the required information. The client can then add or amend the sketch before I begin the painting.

It’s not unusual for me to hear back from the client that the recipient was completely overwhelmed with the uniqueness of their gift, because it is so much about the thoughtfulness of the  giver!

Such paintings can represent a persons life and is a very special and personal gift while being a highly decorative and vibrant painting!

I ask the client to be as creative as possible as little motifs can be incorporated into the painting that might have a special meaning only to the recipient!

Limited edition prints can also be made from the original commission as special presents for other related recipients.

Prices start at €850.00 for a small painting and is based on content and image size. Please contact for a quote!


Simone’s corporate commission portfolio include pharmcuetical companies Pzifer, Janssen and Hovione, food industry Sysco, Boyne Valley Foods and Diageo.

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